6 Days Uganda Safari, Wildlife, Gorillas & Chimpanzee Trekking


This 6-day Uganda safari seamlessly weaves together the incredible adventures of chimpanzee trekking at Kibale National Park, game viewing at Queen Elizabeth National Park, and gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Your journey begins at Kibale National Park, a sanctuary for primates and a haven for those seeking the ultimate chimpanzee trekking experience. As you step into the dense tropical rainforest, be prepared to witness an enchanting world where these charismatic creatures roam freely. Guided by expert trackers, you’ll follow their calls, observing their playful antics and witnessing their close-knit social dynamics. This remarkable encounter with our closest relatives is both humbling and exhilarating, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Next, venture into the legendary Queen Elizabeth National Park, a treasure trove of biodiversity where savannah meets the vast crater landscapes. Brace yourself for an encounter with the “Big Five” and an array of other fascinating wildlife. Embark on exhilarating game drives through the golden plains, where lions lazily rest under the shade of Acacia trees and elephants majestically wander amidst a backdrop of rolling hills. With continued guidance from expert rangers, you’ll have the opportunity to spot elusive leopards, graceful giraffes, and herds of antelopes. As the sun sets over the horizon, indulge in the serene beauty of a boat safari on the Kazinga Channel, where hippos wallow, crocodiles lurk, and a myriad of bird species grace the shores.

Venturing deeper into the lush jungle, this 6 days Uganda safari culminates in the magnificent Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, home to the elusive and majestic mountain gorillas. Trek amid the ancient trees, navigating through tangled vines and verdant foliage to encounter these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Witnessing the soul-stirring sight of a gorilla family, with their astute eyes and intricate social interactions, will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

Spend treasured moments observing them at close quarters, as they gracefully move through the undergrowth, mothers nurturing their young and the patriarch keeping a watchful eye on his domain. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter with these rare and endangered creatures is not just a privilege but a profound connection with our shared evolutionary heritage..



Enjoy an early breakfast after which you will be met by your guide who will transfer you from Kampala to Kibale Forest via Fortportal and having great views; you will have lunch en route. When you arrive at the park, continue and go for a visit to the beautiful crater lakes area, you will also get a chance to see the terraced tea estates. Have dinner and an Overnight stay.

Our accommodation options for this safari depend on your package type preference, We are happy to recommend top-notch lodge/ Camp options upon inquiry

After breakfast on an early morning, set out with the driver guide as he will transfer you to the park head offices for briefing. After briefing, at around 8:00am start chimpanzee trekking through this rainforest as you will be guided by the park rangers. It is always a thrilling and unforgettable experience meeting chimpanzees face to face and watching them engage in their daily activities like playing, jumping feeding etc. Also other animals can be spotted such as the grey-cheeked mangabeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, and also different birds. Later, go back to the lodge and have lunch and check out as you embark on your 3 hours journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park; home to a diverse number of wildlife.

Be early to raise, have a cup of coffee and set out for a game drive where you will see some early risers along the Kasenyi track such as Elephants, antelopes, solitary buffaloes, lions, warthogs, as well as birds. After the drive which takes 2 to 3 hours head to the lodge and have breakfast and lunch after some time go for the launch cruise on Kazinga channel. The boat cruise is one of the amazing activities to enjoy in the park; you will enjoy watching elephants, buffaloes along the banks, crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, birds among others. Return to the lodge, freshen up, have dinner and overnight.

After breakfast, and begin your journey to Bwindi going through the Ishasha sector with a glance at the climbing lions and many other wildlife species. Along the way you will enjoy nice landscape views. Have lunch en-route; arrive at the Park/lodge in the afternoon. Enjoy dinner and an Overnight.

Get up so early in the morning for breakfast and thereafter drive to the Park head offices with your tour guide; also not forgetting to carry some packed lunch. On reaching there by 7:30am you will be briefed about what to do and not to do while trekking after which you will be led by the ranger guides through the mist jungle.

Trekking usually takes between to 8 hours or even a full day due to the location of gorillas. When you see them, it will be a great and fun time as you watch them and only 1 hour is permitted to watch them. Also ensure you carry enough water with you, hats, sun glasses, rain coats, and non flash cameras. Later after the trek, head back to the lodge; have lunch as you prepare to for a community visit among the Batwa people in the evening.

After breakfast set off for Kampala, having lunch in Mbarara and a stopover for photos at the Equator, you can also buy some souvenirs. Continue to Kampala reaching in the evening


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