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Budget Travel in Uganda

December 12, 2023

Uganda is a land of contrasts, where lush green forests meet arid savannahs, where snow-capped mountains overlook volcanic lakes, and where endangered mountain gorillas share their habitat with tree-climbing lions. Winston Churchill famously called Uganda “the pearl of Africa” for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. But is it possible to travel Uganda on a budget? The answer is yes, if you know how to plan your trip and where to look for the best deals. In this guide, we will explore some of the ways you can save money while traveling in Uganda, without compromising on the quality of your experience.

Introduction to Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan. It covers an area of about 241,000 square kilometers (93,000 square miles), which is roughly the size of Oregon or the United Kingdom. Uganda has a population of about 45 million people, belonging to over 50 ethnic groups and speaking over 40 languages. The official languages are English and Swahili, but many people also speak Luganda, Runyankole, or other local languages.

Uganda’s geography is diverse and varied, ranging from the low-lying shores of Lake Victoria (the largest lake in Africa and the source of the Nile River) to the high peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains (the third highest mountain range in Africa). Uganda is home to 10 national parks and 12 wildlife reserves, which protect some of the most endangered and unique wildlife species in the world, such as mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, giraffes, and more. Uganda is also known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes ancient kingdoms, colonial history, vibrant festivals, colorful markets, and friendly people.

Uganda is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit depends on what you want to see and do. The dry seasons are from December to February and from June to August, which are ideal for wildlife viewing and hiking. The wet seasons are from March to May and from September to November, which are good for birdwatching and rafting. The average temperature in Uganda is about 25°C (77°F), but it can vary depending on the altitude and region. The average visa cost for Uganda is $50 USD for a single-entry tourist visa valid for 90 days. You can apply online or at the border.

Popular Budget Uganda Safaris

Budget-Friendly Accommodation

One of the biggest expenses when traveling in Uganda is accommodation. However, there are plenty of options for budget travelers who are looking for a comfortable and safe place to stay. Here are some of the most common types of accommodation in Uganda and their average prices:

  • Hostels: Hostels are a great way to meet other travelers and save money on accommodation. They usually offer dorm beds or private rooms with shared bathrooms and facilities. Some hostels also have common areas, kitchens, gardens, or bars where you can socialize and relax. The average price for a hostel bed in Uganda is about $10 USD per night.
  • Guesthouses: Guesthouses are similar to hostels but more family-friendly and less party-oriented. They usually offer private rooms with ensuite or shared bathrooms and facilities. Some guesthouses also have restaurants or cafes where you can enjoy local food and drinks. The average price for a guesthouse room in Uganda is about $15 USD per night.
  • Camping: Camping is another option for budget travelers who want to get closer to nature and enjoy the outdoors. You can either bring your own tent or rent one from a campsite or lodge. Some campsites also have shared bathrooms and facilities. The average price for a camping spot in Uganda is about $5 USD per night.

Some tips for finding the best deals on accommodation in Uganda are:

  • Book online: You can use websites like or to compare prices and reviews of different accommodation options in Uganda. You can also find discounts or deals if you book in advance or for longer stays.
  • Negotiate: You can try to negotiate the price of your accommodation if you book directly with the owner or manager. You can also ask for discounts if you pay in cash or if you are traveling during low season or weekdays.
  • Be flexible: You can save money on accommodation if you are flexible with your dates, location, or preferences. You can also look for alternative options like couchsurfing or homestays where you can stay with locals for free or for a small fee.

Transportation Options

Another major expense when traveling in Uganda is transportation. However, there are various transportation options for budget travelers within Uganda, including public buses, shared taxis, and motorcycle taxis (boda bodas). Here are some of the pros and cons of each option and their average prices:

  • Public buses: Public buses are the cheapest and most direct way to get to major destinations in Uganda. They usually run on fixed routes and schedules, and stop at designated bus stations or terminals. They are also relatively comfortable and safe, as they have seats, windows, and luggage compartments. The average price for a public bus ticket in Uganda is about $5 USD per 100 kilometers (62 miles).
  • Shared taxis: Shared taxis are also known as matatus or minibuses. They are a common and convenient way to get around Uganda, especially for shorter distances or remote areas. They usually run on flexible routes and schedules, and stop anywhere along the way. They are also faster and more comfortable than public buses, as they have air conditioning, music, and fewer passengers. The average price for a shared taxi fare in Uganda is about $1 USD per 10 kilometers (6 miles).
  • Motorcycle taxis: Motorcycle taxis are also known as boda bodas or piki pikis. They are the fastest and most fun way to get around Uganda, especially in urban areas or traffic jams. They usually run on demand and can take you anywhere you want. They are also the most adventurous and risky way to travel in Uganda, as they have no helmets, seat belts, or insurance. The average price for a motorcycle taxi ride in Uganda is about $0.5 USD per 5 kilometers (3 miles).

Some tips for saving money on transportation in Uganda are:

  • Use public transportation: You can use public transportation as much as possible to save money on transportation in Uganda. You can also use apps like Google Maps or Moovit to plan your routes and find the best options for your destination.
  • Bargain: You can bargain the price of your transportation if you use shared taxis or motorcycle taxis. You can also ask for discounts if you travel with a group or if you use the same driver multiple times.
  • Be safe: You can be safe when traveling in Uganda by following some basic rules. You can avoid traveling at night or in bad weather, wear a seat belt or a helmet, carry your valuables with you, and check the condition of the vehicle before boarding.

Money-Saving Tips

Besides saving money on accommodation and transportation, there are other ways you can save money while traveling in Uganda. Here are some practical tips and tricks for traveling in Uganda on a budget:

  • Bargain: Bargaining is a common practice in Uganda, especially in markets, shops, or street stalls. You can bargain the price of anything from souvenirs, clothes, food, or services. You can start by offering half of the asking price and then work your way up until you reach a fair deal.
  • Use local markets: Local markets are the best places to find cheap and fresh food and souvenirs in Uganda. You can buy fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, eggs, or spices from local farmers or vendors. You can also buy handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics, or art from local artisans or traders.
  • Take advantage of free or low-cost activities: There are many free or low-cost activities you can enjoy in Uganda that will enrich your travel experience. You can visit museums, churches, mosques, monuments, or gardens that have no or minimal entrance fees. You can also hike, bike, swim, fish, or birdwatch in natural parks or reserves that have low or affordable conservation fees.


Uganda is a beautiful and diverse country that offers a lot of opportunities for adventure and discovery. It is also a budget-friendly destination that can be traveled without breaking the bank. By following some of the tips and tricks we shared in this guide, you can plan your trip and enjoy your stay in Uganda without spending a fortune.